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Dubit bring over 20 years of kids and family insight, a Worldwide Trends Tracker, and specialist tools to explore markets and audiences through data or observation. A team with global reach and experience.

We don’t just dip in and out of the market when clients ask us. We are in there every day, to conduct our own research into kids behaviours and trends, and to make sure we can answer many of your questions right away.

Dubit have also developed tools to make youth research more effective, from a Global Trends Tracker, to virtual focus groups and a specialist PlayLab which are used by research companies and brands around the world. And with gaming in our blood, we know this audience better than – we think – anyone.

LEGO Girl Gamers

LEGO: Girl Gamers

To enable a more audience-centric work stream, LEGO wanted to discover what tween girls were excited about in online games. We invited 48 girls from three very different markets to take part in a week-long online forum, full of fun and engaging activities and discussions.

Mattel Connected Play

Mattel: Connected Play

Kids love both toys and tech, but can they (and should they) be combined? 40 families, 40 cameras, a mountain of connected toys and gazillions of hours of ethnographic footage later we had the answers Mattel were looking for!


Parlophone: Coldplay

In the run up to the release of Coldplay’s latest album, Dubit’s research enabled Parlophone to develop an effective programme of teen focussed marketing, designed to build an audience in the most appropriate way for fans and potential fans alike.


Minecraft Player Segmentation

Dubit was commissioned to provide detailed insights on the awareness and usage of Minecraft across platforms, attitudes and sentiment towards Minecraft, motivations for engagement, and the parents’ role in the use or spend on Minecraft. An online survey across the US and 24 paired depths with children from every identified cluster was undertaken to provide a complete picture of the Minecraft audience.

Spotlight: Coldplay & Teens
Parlophone Records wanted to understand whether there is an appetite amongst a teenage audience for Coldplay’s music, and how to engage a younger audience ahead of the band’s album launch the next year. Specific insights were required on:
  • Awareness of Coldplay and lead singer Chris Martin
  • Perceptions of Coldplay
  • Behavioural differences and commonalities between Coldplay fans and potential fans
To deliver the required insight, Dubit conducted focus groups and numerous depth interviews with 13-17 year olds in the UK. Participants consisted of a mix of fans, teens aware and unaware of the band and its music.

In the lead up to the album’s release, Dubit’s research enabled Parlophone to develop a teen focussed marketing, designed to:
  • Maximise awareness of the new release through use of the most effective channels to reach this audience
  • Most appropriate messaging and tone of voice
  • Build affinity and engagement with the band
Result: an incredibly successful rollout of the album to a wider audience!
Account Spending
Latest Trends
Digital spend is beginning to come of age, with parents more willing to open their wallets for their kids digital entertainment. Our latest trends survey shows that, for 11-15s in particular, spend on digital is now 40% of overall spend in the US. No longer are parents saying “everything online should be free”! Contact us for the latest insights into kids emerging behaviours.
Radar: Tracking Roblox winners and losers
Dubit Radar monitors over 10m Roblox games to help us learn from the latest trends in game design and genres, and advise brands on strategy, marketing and monetisation:
  • We know what’s popular and where players are spending time
  • We can tell you what’s growing – games, genres, trends – and why
  • We have insights on the most popular brands on Roblox
Contact us for ongoing reports on what’s hot and how to take advantage of the latest trends
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Research for the metaverse! The Clickroom is a fun and interactive 3D focus group room that helps you conduct qualitative research around the world from the comfort of your office or armchair.

We’ve designed The Clickroom just like a real viewing facility. Represented by avatars, you and your participants can walk around, chat, watch videos, whatever your project requires. All this in a colourful, relaxing and engaging space where you are in control. It’s beautifully simple!
The Clickroom