The Metaverse Gaming League

eSport events in the Metaverse for the many, not the few. Currently in beta, Metaverse Gaming League delivers regular live-streamed events in Roblox, the gaming and social platform with over 200 million monthly users. Featuring popular games, influencers and brands, MGL offers all participants the chance to win prizes, and not just the elite players. Following its launch on Roblox, it will expand to activate across other leading metaverse gaming platforms, such as Minecraft and Core. >>

What is MGL?

Here’s a quick overview of how it works, who it’s for, how to get involved, and what opportunities there are for brands! Think sponsored challenges and tournaments with sensational prizes, culminating in a weekly live show where anyone can win!

Past Shows

Relive some of the fun that we’ve been generating in our beta shows for the players in Roblox and Minecraft! Many prizes have been won, many heroes have been created!
    We are Dubit

    We make awesome Roblox Games!


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    Run branded shows

    For brands wanting to reach out to audiences in the Metaverse, there’s no faster way than sponsoring our MGL events, and there are different options for how you can make an impact. Product placement, influencer campaigns, celebrity endorsements, music or fashion events are all in our wheelhouse. Speak to us about short or long term activations!

    Game Jams

    We run sponsored game jams across the Metaverse. Our first game jam, sponsored by Groupe Capelli, challenges creators to develop the next big competitive game on Roblox, with $10,000 in prizes!

    Game Jams